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SFpark begins sensor installation in pilot areas

SFpark begins sensor installation in pilot areas

As an essential component of the SFpark pilot projects, SFMTA will be installing wireless parking sensors throughout SFpark pilot and control areas (see map). These sensors – installed in individual parking spaces and entrances and exits of City-owned parking garages – collect data and report whether or not parking spaces are available. With this data, parking managers can, for the first time, monitor and assess actual parking demand patterns as they occur.

Sensor installation facts:

  • Installing wireless parking sensors requires no construction.
  • Parking sensors will be affixed to the pavement with an epoxy that requires approximately 30 minutes to set. SFMTA will only need to close parking spaces for a period ranging from one to four hours.
  • SFMTA will install 8,300 parking sensors, with the vast majority affixed in metered parking spaces. Some parking sensors will be placed in unmetered parking spaces to help evaluate parking demand trends.
  • Federal funding received through the Urban Partnership Program will cover the cost of the sensors.

These parking sensors will work in conjunction with new replacement parking meters. New meters will make parking more convenient by allowing drivers to park in spaces for longer periods and by accepting payment by coin, smart card, and credit card. In control areas, meters and hours will remain unchanged to help evaluate the SFpark pilot projects.

SFMTA aims to install SFpark parking sensors as quickly as possible and appreciates everyone’s patience.