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SFMTA eliminates free parking for employees and city passenger vehicles

San Francisco Employee Vehicle Image

To ensure the City’s internal policies reflect good overall parking management strategy, the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA)’s SFpark project recently updated two key parking policies. First, SFMTA employees must now pay to park their private vehicles. Additionally, all City-owned passenger vehicles must pay for parking on City streets.

Due to these changes, about 1,000 parking spaces at SFMTA facilities that were previously used by SFMTA employees to park private vehicles at no cost will now require payment. Additionally, hundreds of City vehicles will be required to pay the meter or display a prepaid government business permit purchased from the SFMTA when parked on-street. Along with these two initiatives, the SFMTA also recently eliminated free parking in City garages for everyone, including City employees. City cars are also subject to time limits at meters.

Free parking provisions encourage employees to drive alone rather than utilize other forms of transportation, undermining the City’s Transit First policy. Free or subsidized parking at work encourages people to drive and these trips contribute to traffic congestion and greenhouse gas emissions. As the transportation agency in a Transit First city, the SFMTA is leading by example by reducing parking subsidies for employees at SFMTA facilities and for City vehicles and encouraging other modes of transportation including car-sharing, bicycling and transit.