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SFMTA announces first SFpark rate adjustments

SFpark Rate Change Image

Beginning late July, the SFMTA will adjust parking rates at SFpark meters in pilot areas based on parking demand data from in-ground parking sensors.

In this first rate adjustment, 68% of the new rates will be lower or remain the same as current rates.

The SFMTA will continue to make data-driven rate adjustments at SFpark meters about once every four to six weeks.

The goal of these adjustments is to find the lowest price possible that ensures that there is usually at least one parking space available on every block. More parking availability means less circling and double-parking, safer streets, reduced greenhouse gas emissions and more reliable Muni service.

Here’s how SFpark demand-responsive pricing works:

  • Where and when parking is hard to find, meter rates will increase by 25¢.
  • Where and when parking demand is low, rates will decrease by 25¢ or 50¢.
  • Where and when parking availability is about right, rates will stay the same.

Parking rates will vary by block, time of day and weekday vs. Saturday. All new rates will be posted here at least seven days in advance. SFpark meters will display the current hourly rate and rate information for the full day. When a customer adds funds, the meter automatically adds the appropriate amount of time.

CLICK HERE for complete July 2011 rate adjustment information, including a detailed spreadsheet and overview maps.