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SFpark expands parking sensor program

SFpark sensor image
SFpark is expanding its parking sensor program this summer, adding 1,200 spaces to the 7,000 spaces that currently have sensors. These wireless sensors provide the real-time parking availability information on this site, the SFpark iPhone app and soon an Android app, as well as the open data feed for other organizations and app developers. Beginning today, new sensors will be installed in the Financial District, SoMa, Civic Center, Fillmore, Mission, Marina and Fisherman’s Wharf.

About sensor installation

  • Parking spaces will be closed for one to four hours.
  • Only one side of the street will be closed at any given time.
  • Sensors are embedded into the street using an epoxy that requires about one hour to cure; once cured, the parking stall closure signs are removed.
  • Sensor vendors will conduct the installations.
  • The SFMTA is evaluating multiple vendors of this emerging technology.

SFMTA’s goal is to get this work done quickly and with as little impact on the affected streets as possible. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. Click here for a map of existing and upcoming sensor locations.