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SFpark launches on-street car sharing pilot

Yesterday, the SFMTA’s SFpark project began a pilot test of using on-street parking spaces for car sharing. A total of eleven on-street parking spaces will be dedicated to car sharing, enabling members of City CarShare to pick up and drop off car sharing vehicles in convenient locations. The six-month trial will include nine neighborhoods citywide. If successful, the SFMTA will implement a citywide expanded program.

Spaces launched yesterday:

Spaces planned to launch in November:

  • Carroll and 3rd streets (Bayview)
  • 3rd and 22nd streets (Dogpatch)
  • Bosworth and Brompton (Glen Park)
  • Judah & 12th Ave (Inner Sunset)
  • Judah & 43rd Ave (Outer Sunset)
  • Judah & 44th Ave (Outer Sunset)

According to the agreement with City CarShare, the SFMTA will receive $150 per space per month during the pilot. This includes the median cost for a reserved car sharing space in SFMTA parking garages along with all costs involved with implementation, including signage. The locations were selected in coordination with each district Supervisor and area merchants.

Car sharing can help the SFMTA achieve its goals for parking management and overall goals for transportation by reducing parking demand and greenhouse gas emissions while improving mobility.  While car sharing trips are still vehicle trips, car sharing can reduce private vehicle ownership rates and vehicle miles traveled. These new locations will encourage car sharing by increasing its visibility, improving access, and making it more convenient.