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SFMTA makes second rate adjustment at SFpark meters

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For the second time, over two-thirds of new rates will decrease or stay the same.

Contact: Paul Rose
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SAN FRANCISCO (October 5, 2011) —The San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA), which manages transportation in the City, will implement its second demand-responsive rate adjustment at on-street SFpark meters in mid-October. As in the first rate adjustment, over two-thirds of the rates will decrease or remain the same. This means that at some meters, rates will have decreased by as much as $1.00 since on-street parking rate adjustments began in August.

“Rate adjustments, such as these, will help even out parking demand and reduce double-parking and circling, making our streets less congested and allowing Muni to be more reliable,” said Edward D. Reiskin, Director of Transportation. “Having a consistent, simple and transparent approach for setting rates at meters and parking garages is another step in the process to better manage parking that benefits everyone.”

The SFMTA makes data-driven rate adjustments at SFpark meters of no more than 50¢ down or 25¢ up, and no more often than once a month. The goal of the rate adjustments is to find the lowest possible hourly rate to achieve the right level of parking availability. SFpark meter rates may vary by time of day, weekday versus Saturday, and block-by-block. SFpark rate adjustments are driven by occupancy data and rates go down, stay the same, or go up solely based on whether or not parking is available. Sometimes underused parking is only one block away from crowded parking.

Based on parking demand data, in this second rate adjustment:

10 percent of rates will decrease by $0.50
25 percent will decrease by $0.25
33 percent will stay the same
32 percent will increase by $0.25.

SFpark meters will display the current hourly rate and rate information for the full day. When a customer adds funds, the meter automatically adds the appropriate amount of time. The current rate information will also be posted along with real-time parking availability at and via the free SFpark iPhone app.

The block-by-block rate adjustment details are available at Visit for a map of SFpark pilot areas, along with real-time parking availability and current rates.