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SFpark releases SFMTA tow-away data

Tow Away Image
On Saturday, the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA) SFpark project released a data set that includes the locations and schedules of tow-away zones with regular, weekly schedules throughout San Francisco. Developers can incorporate this data in applications and websites to help drivers avoid being towed. SFpark staff announced the dataset at AngelHack, a major “hackathon” event that attracted more than 200 developers.

Constructing this much-needed dataset took about 130 person-hours, work that included updating data, compiling data from different sources, and field verification by bicycle.

CLICK HERE to view a PDF map of regularly scheduled tow zones
CLICK HERE to download the GIS dataset

The data is at least 95% accurate as of November 2011, and the SFMTA will continue to improve the data with additional field verification. It does not include tow zones that do not follow weekly schedules or only affect single spaces. Drivers should always look for signage near their parking spaces and follow posted regulations.