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SFMTA SFpark study shows 14% fewer citations, 27% more meter payments with new meters and longer time limits

SFpark Rate Change Image

According to a report released yesterday by the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA), new meters with longer time limits have resulted in fewer parking tickets and more meter payments as expected under the SFpark project. The report focuses on the first half of 2011, before SFpark made any demand-responsive meter rate adjustments.

As part of SFpark, the SFMTA has installed new, credit card-enabled meters at about 7,000 of the City’s 26,800 metered parking spaces since early 2010. The SFMTA also extended time limits at SFpark meters to four hours, and in some places time limits were eliminated altogether.

The new meters and longer time limits make parking more convenient, and had the following expected results:

  • Parking meter-related citations decreased 14 percent more at the new meters than at the meters that were not upgraded.
  • The new meters brought in 27 percent more net meter revenue (not including parking meter-related citations) than the older meters.
  • Adding together meter revenue and meter-related citations, the new meters are generating about 11 percent more net revenue than meters that were not upgraded.

CLICK HERE to download the report (.5 MB pdf)

In 2012 the SFMTA will evaluate whether the new meters lower coin collection and maintenance costs, the effect of demand-responsive pricing, as well as complete a more thorough, longer-term evaluation of how SFpark affects overall parking revenues, whether from meters, citations, garages, parking tax, or other sources. The SFMTA will also evaluate how SFpark helps to achieve broader goals, including minimum levels of parking availability, reducing congestion, and improving Muni reliability.