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SFMTA neighborhood parking management proposals update

In response to public requests, the SFMTA will gather more data and work more closely with each neighborhood to refine the parking management proposals. To accomplish the intensive engagement that has been requested with our limited staff, we are extending the schedule and separating the larger Mission Bay proposal into a proposal for each neighborhood. We expect to begin that process with each neighborhood according to the following schedule:

12th & Folsom – April
17th & Folsom – June
Potrero Hill – August
Dogpatch – September

We anticipate that additional community engagement and data collection will take approximately two months from the above start dates. We will then finalize each revised proposal and submit it for the approval process.

To make it easy to participate, we have created mailing lists specific to each neighborhood. Please sign up for your neighborhood mailing list so we can make certain that you are aware of next steps. For the Mission Bay area (ie, north of Mariposa Street and east of 7th Street), next week we will send an email to that neighborhood’s mailing list outlining next steps.

CLICK HERE to sign up for your neighborhood parking planning mailing list

We will also make a webpage for each neighborhood parking proposal and update it periodically as the process advances. We will send the URL for each webpage as they are created. In addition you can also follow the neighborhood parking proposals on Twitter via @SFMTA_parkplan.