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Mission Bay neighborhood parking planning update

For the past decade, the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA) has been developing plans to manage on-street parking in Mission Bay to make it easier to park and encourage transit, walking, and biking. This area includes the new rapidly developing Mission Bay neighborhood, as well as adjacent more established but evolving neighborhoods.

The original Mission Bay parking management proposal included parts of Dogpatch and Potrero Hill that are within walking distance of Mission Bay and therefore relevant for coherent parking management in the area. Based on requests from community members, the SFMTA is dividing the Mission Bay parking management proposal into three separate proposals, one for each neighborhood (Mission Bay, Dogpatch, and Potrero). The Mission Bay proposal now includes the area north of Mariposa Street, east of 7th Street, and south of Bryant Street.

New metered spaces

In 2002, the City established Mission Bay as a metering district, consistent with the vision for Mission Bay as a vibrant mixed-use neighborhood; and, in 2008, Mission Bay was included as part of the SFpark pilot

As of 2011 more than half the parcels in Mission Bay had begun or completed construction, and some of the planned parking meters have been installed over the last two years. To address current and growing parking demand as the neighborhood rapidly develops, the SFMTA will begin installing the remaining parking meters in the Mission Bay metering district later this spring. Details include:

  • Meters will operate Monday to Saturday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.
  • Rates will begin at $1.25 per hour to match rates at adjacent existing meters.
  • Rates will be adjusted on a demand-responsive basis, no more frequently than every 30 days, to achieve parking availability goals.

The SFMTA is currently assessing how to phase meter implementation in order to avoid conflicts with current and upcoming construction. We will let you know in advance before any meters are installed.

Mission Bay parking management planning

While the SFMTA is moving ahead with installing parking meters in Mission Bay, they are working with the community to refine other aspects of the parking management proposal for the area. This includes how the SFMTA might adjust its existing policy for managing parking during special events, as well as the related proposal for operating meters in the Mission Bay area (as defined above) on Sundays and until 11 p.m., consistent with the meters that the Port of San Francisco oversees.

In the coming weeks, the SFMTA will email a revised version of the Mission Bay parking management proposal and the schedule for moving forward. That schedule will include the date for a public meeting that the SFMTA will hold this spring and other means we will use to gather additional community input before finalizing the proposal.

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