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SFMTA to continue 12th Folsom/17th Folsom/Dogpatch/Potrero parking planning, but not as part of SFpark pilot

The SFMTA is responsible for overseeing all aspects of surface transportation in San Francisco. Parking plays a large role in city transportation, and good parking management helps to keep cars, buses, cyclists, and pedestrians moving safely and smoothly. When open parking spaces are scarce, often as a result of no parking management, drivers circle for parking and double-park, causing congestion and endangering other road users.

To address these issues, in 2011 the SFMTA created parking management proposals that covered the 12th & Folsom, 17th & Folsom, Dogpatch, and Potrero Hill areas. Each of these neighborhoods already has low parking availability during the day, which is expected to get worse as these dynamic areas grow and evolve. These neighborhoods are long overdue for better parking management.

The SFMTA originally proposed to include these areas as part of the SFMTA’s SFpark pilot project, which uses demand-responsive pricing to make parking easier to find. The SFpark pilot is currently in place in eight pilot neighborhoods and has implemented five incremental rate adjustments. Overall, rates during about a third of metered hours have gone down, a third remained the same, and a third went up. Rate adjustment data is available here.

Many neighbors in the 12th & Folsom, 17th & Folsom, Dogpatch, and Potrero Hill areas have expressed uneasiness about being part of the SFpark pilot project until further evaluation of its success. Based on this feedback, the SFMTA will no longer propose for these areas to be included as SFpark pilot areas. As the SFMTA revises parking management proposals for each of these areas, they will reflect regular its policies and practices.

Mission Bay is already part of an SFpark pilot area, so that neighborhood will continue with SFpark demand-responsive pricing policies. Mission Bay parking management planning will cover the area north of Mariposa Street, east of 7th Street, and south of Bryant Street.

The SFMTA is currently focused on parking management for Mission Bay and expects to start reengaging each of the following neighborhoods according to this schedule:

  • 12th & Folsom – April
  • 17th & Folsom – June
  • Potrero Hill – August
  • Dogpatch – September