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Parking sensor installation and removal

SFpark Sensor Announcement Image

SFpark’s wireless parking sensors provide parking occupancy data as well as the real-time parking availability information used on, the SFpark mobile apps, and the open data feed for other app developers.

Starting downtown during the week of May 7 and continuing into July, the SFMTA will install a small number of new and replacement sensors, as well as remove non-operational sensors.

Parking sensor installation

SFpark will add sensors in 200 spaces to the 8,000 spaces that currently have sensors, for a total of 8,200. These new sensors are primarily going in the Financial District and Civic Center. In addition, sensors will be reinstalled in another 200 parking spaces where sensors had been removed during street work like repaving and construction.

  • Parking spaces will be closed for one to four hours. Only one side of the street will be closed at any given time.
  • Sensors are embedded into the street using an epoxy that requires about one hour to cure; once cured, the parking space closure signs are removed.
  • Sensor vendors will conduct the installations.

CLICK HERE to see a map of sensor installation locations

Parking sensor decommissioning
As part of the SFpark pilot project, the SFMTA tested parking sensors from multiple vendors of this new technology. In the coming weeks, one vendor will remove its equipment and dispose of it properly. The SFMTA did not pay for this equipment or its removal.

  • The vendor has both surface-mounted and embedded sensors that are located close to the travel lane. The surface-mounted sensors are off-white squares, and the embedded sensors appear as blue circles.
  • The vendor will attempt to minimize parking space closures. If closures are needed, spaces will be closed for one to four hours to remove the sensors and repair the pavement. Only one side of the street will be closed at a time, and parking space closure signs will be removed as soon as work is completed.
  • The SFMTA is coordinating maintenance on operational equipment during the same period.

SFpark will continue to use the reliable sensor data provided by its current vendor, whose sensors have been in place since before SFpark launched. These sensors appear as black circles embedded in the street about one foot from the curb.

Our goal is to get all of this work done quickly and with as little impact on the affected streets as possible. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

CLICK HERE to see a map of sensor removal locations