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Excerpt from “Gov on the Go: Boosting Public Sector Productivity by Going Mobile” a white paper by Deloitte

William D. Eggers & Joshua Jaffe
Deloitte University Press

While citizen satisfaction with government rises and falls—according to the American—one trend has held: Customer satisfaction with e-government has risen steadily, currently scoring 75.2 on a 100-point scale. This satisfaction is driven by widespread and growing adoption of e-services.

Reduce productivity losses.
Many Americans face an everyday predicament: finding a parking spot. The frustrating experience of endlessly circling the block searching for an empty space costs drivers—and society as a whole—more than one might imagine. Drivers looking for a parking spot in one district of Los Angeles drove an estimated 950,000 miles a year, equivalent to four trips to the moon. According to San Francisco officials, drivers searching for parking spots generate 30 percent of all downtown congestion. On average, Americans waste 3.5 to 14 minutes a day looking for parking, or up to 85 hours a year. With more than 210 million licensed drivers in the country, this amounts to 17.8 billion hours annually.

Mobile technology may hold the answer to the problem. San Francisco is leading the way with a $20 million parking program known as SFpark. The city has placed sensors in 7,000 metered parking spots and 12,250 spots in city garages. As spaces open up, the sensors communicate wirelessly with computers that immediately disseminate the information to mobile app users. The app’s color-coded map shows which blocks have open spots and which are full, saving users time, mileage, and stress.

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