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New source code available for SFpark apps and map

The source code for recent updates to the SFpark Android appiOS app, and online map are now freely available via GitHub.

Web map

These updates refine the business rules for displaying garage availability. With the large capacity of most garages, 15% open spaces doesn’t represent “low availability” for garages like it does for on-street spaces. The threshold was lowered to 10% for garages.

If you are currently using the SFpark data feed for map display, please consider reflecting this rule change on your own app. This both ensures that your app is consistent with the official SFpark maps and provides your users with a better information to make parking choices.

In addition to the garage rule change, SFpark also refined the Android app UI to make it more familiar to Android users.

SFpark‘s goal is to use technology and demand-responsive pricing to help make it easier to find parking in San Francisco. The SFMTA makes the SFpark source app and map code free and readily available to help independent developers help achieve that vision.