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SFpark optimizes the use of existing parking resources to benefit drivers and everyone else who spends time in San Francisco. Public transit riders, bicyclists, pedestrians, business owners, residents and visitors can all expect this innovative new parking management project to improve their quality of life in many ways.

Easier parking
SFpark makes finding and paying for parking faster and easier. Demand-responsive pricing information online, via text, and through smartphone apps helps drivers find a space. Longer time limits and new meters that accept credit/debit cards, SFMTA parking cards and coins make parking more convenient and result in fewer parking tickets.

Faster public transit
Decreasing the number of drivers circling and double-parking will help keep roads clear so Muni and emergency vehicles can get through streets faster and more reliably.

Safer bicyclists and pedestrians
Drivers looking for parking are frequently distracted and fail to see bicyclists and pedestrians. Less double-parking and circling means fewer accidents and safer roads.

Better businesses neighborhoods
With parking faster to find and pay for, it’s easier to enjoy the City’s commercial areas. Less congested, safer and more pleasant neighborhoods mean better business. Plus, with less smog and greenhouse gas, we’ll all breathe easier.