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How will I benefit from SFpark?

Fewer double-parked cars help Muni run faster and more reliably. Less circling means less greenhouse gas and smog. Reduced traffic makes the streets safer for cyclists and pedestrians. Combined, these benefits help our neighborhoods become more pleasant and economically vibrant.

Where does revenue from the SFpark project go?

Parking meter and ticket revenue returns to the SFMTA to support its programs, including Muni.

Won’t changing parking prices just drive people and business away from the City?

No. Surveys show that drivers in San Francisco place a high value on parking convenience. Right now, some people from the Bay Area and from the City don’t shop in San Francisco because they feel parking is too hard to find. The SFpark project makes parking easier and more convenient for residents and visitors alike. The price of parking will be the lowest price possible to achieve the availability target.