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Why are parking prices changing?

SFpark charges the lowest possible hourly rate to achieve the right level of availability for garages and metered spaces. This will help to improve parking availability and reduce double-parking and circling.

When did the first rate adjustments take place?

The first SFpark demand-responsive rate adjustment was implemented for motorcycle parking spaces in fall 2010. The first rate change at parking garages took place in April 2011 at Moscone Center Garage and in May at Lombard Garage. Rates were adjusted at other SFpark garages later in 2011. The first rate adjustment at on-street auto parking meters occurred in July 2011. To see all rate adjustments, see the pricing page.

How often do parking rates change?

SFpark adjusts rates no more frequently than once per month. Meter rates are adjusted every 4-6 weeks and garage rates change about every three months.

How will I know when prices change?

All rate adjustments will be posted on in advance. Current rates are displayed at garages and meters, as well as and the real-time data that drives SFMTA’s SFpark apps.

If parking rates differ depending on the time of day, how will drivers know how much to pay?

SFpark meters display the current hourly rate as well as rate information for the full day. When you add funds, with coins or with a card, the meter automatically adds the appropriate amount of time.

How much do prices change?

At parking garages, rates will change up or down by increments of no more than 50 cents an hour. At parking meters, rates will change upwards in increments of no more than 25 cents an hour, and down in either 25 or 50 cent increments, depending on occupancy.

How will special event pricing work? Will it really cost $18 an hour?

The SFMTA will test special event pricing in the area around AT&T park starting in 2013. The SFMTA will coordinate with the Port of San Francisco, which implemented special event pricing in 2011. During special events, the SFMTA will start on-street parking meter rates at $7 and $5 per hour (well below $18), depending on proximity to AT&T Park. The goal of this policy is to reduce the extreme congestion associated with special events. The SFMTA will periodically review the effectiveness of these rates and raise or lower them incrementally to find the lowest rate possible that ensures that there is some minimum level of parking available, even during special events.

Do the new meters “zero out” when a car leaves the space?

No. Like existing meters, the new SFpark meters retain all remaining paid minutes after a car leaves the space.

Do the new meters issue receipts?

Like the rest of San Francisco’s parking meters, neither the new single-space nor the multi-space meters issue receipts.