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SFpark featured in the Atlantic Magazine

All city drivers dread the routine: reach downtown destination, hunt desperately for a parking spot, curse the driveways and fire hydrants. In San Francisco, however, parking is about to be made easier, thanks to a new network of GPS wireless sensors that will be installed next to the city's parking meters.

SFMTA completes innovative citywide census of San Francisco parking

Comprehensive audit of publicly-available parking supply makes San Francisco the first U.S. city to complete a citywide parking census.

SF parking census featured on KQED radio

KQED Radio's Cy Musiker interviews SF Streetsblog's Matthew Roth about San Francisco completing a first in the world census -- not of people, but of parking spaces on the street, in garages, metered or free. According

San Francisco parking census featured in

No sizable city in the country, or likely the world, has been able to say with any certainty how many parking spaces it has, public or private, until now. Over the last 18 months, the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA) has tallied every publicly accessible parking space within city limits...

SFpark featured in New York Times

This fall, San Francisco hopes to do what New York City didn’t: successfully combat congestion. But the city’s plan isn’t to control the number of people entering the city. Instead, San Francisco hopes to cut congestion by reducing the number of drivers...

SFpark featured in the Economist Magazine

The gold Hyundai whips around a double-parked van on Haight Street, San Francisco, before blocking traffic with a shameless U-turn into an open parking spot. Soon, if a new pilot programme succeeds, such shenanigans may become as rare as...

SFpark begins sensor installation in pilot areas

As an essential component of the SFpark pilot projects, SFMTA will be installing wireless parking sensors throughout SFpark pilot and control areas (see map). These sensors – installed in individual parking spaces and entrances and exits...