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The Guardian

The Guardian lists SFpark as one of top 5 city innovations

An August 2013 report by the Center for an Urban Future and New York University Wagner, “Innovation and the City,” named SFpark as one of the top 25 policy innovations around the globe. From this report, the Guardian chose SFpark as one of the top five replicable innovations to help cities face growing challenges.

Excerpt from “Gov on the Go: Boosting Public Sector Productivity by Going Mobile” a white paper by Deloitte

Deloitte analysts William D. Eggers & Joshua Jaffe review how mobile technologies like SFMTA's SFpark app help drive productivity and improve the services a government provides its citizens.

SFpark featured on Wired’s Observation Deck

In this edition of Wired's Observation Deck, Senior Editor Adam Rogers compares the SFMTA's "super convenient" SFpark meters with those featured in Ridley Scott's futuristic film Blade Runner.

San Francisco Examiner article highlights benefits of demand-based meter pricing

Since taking effect in April 2011, average hourly SFpark meter rates have dropped by 14 cents from $2.73 to $2.59 at the 7,000 SFpark meters. Overall, 17 percent of those meters offer hourly rates of $1 or less

SF Examiner highlights great rates in SFpark garages

San Francisco Examiner states "Since The City introduced its nationally recognized SFpark system last year, parking rates at city-owned garages have fallen by 20 percent — with many lots now cheaper than nearby street meters."

SFpark featured in ITDP’s Sustainable Transport Magazine

Sustainable Transport Magazine states that "SFpark has emerged as the most innovative and exciting congestion management tool in use in the United States today."

SFpark and the “Science of Parking” featured on KQED forum

SFpark project manager Jay Primus and UCLA Professor Donald Shoup discuss the science behind the SFpark pilot project.

SFpark featured in New York Times

The New York Times takes a look at SFpark's recent success at using demand-based pricing to increase parking availability. Analysis found that three-quarters of the blocks either have already either met or moved closer to parking availability goals.

SFpark featured in the Atlantic Magazine

Eric Jaffe reviews five great U.S. city parking apps, including the SFpark app.

SFpark featured in the Chicago Tribune

Before rushing ahead with a weekday parking tax proposed last week for the downtown area, Chicago officials should closely study a new experiment on the West Coast, experts say.