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SFpark featured on KALW’s Crosscurrents

KALW's Laura Miner takes a look at the SFpark app and shares some "secret" parking tips based on live SFpark data.

SFpark app featured on NPR’s All Things Considered

NPR's Richard Gonzales takes a look at the SFpark app and demand-responsive pricing.

SFpark app featured in San Francisco Chronicle

SF Chronicle Staff Writer Rachel Gordon reviews the SFpark iPhone app with SFpark Manager Jay Primus.

SFpark app featured on CNET TV

In this news feature from May 11, 2011, cnet reporter Karen Tsuboi takes a look at the new SFpark iPhone app.

SFpark featured on

If you’ve ever driven a car in San Francisco, you have probably experienced the ultimate frustration. Parking on a city street is about as easy as finding a happy meter cop. But the all-knowing computer is about to make San Francisco’s parking experience very different.

SFpark featured on KALW fm’s 99% invisible

KALW's October 29, 2010 episode of 99% Invisible featured Jay Primus, Manager of the SFpark project and Donald Shoup, author of the highly influential "The High Cost of Free Parking."

Sensor installations featured on Streetsblog

When parking expert Donald Shoup publicized his principle several years ago that cities should manage the demand for curbside parking by adjusting the cost so that there was always an available space, he probably didn't think a large city like San Francisco...

SFpark featured in the Atlantic Magazine

All city drivers dread the routine: reach downtown destination, hunt desperately for a parking spot, curse the driveways and fire hydrants. In San Francisco, however, parking is about to be made easier, thanks to a new network of GPS wireless sensors that will be installed next to the city's parking meters.

SF parking census featured on KQED radio

KQED Radio's Cy Musiker interviews SF Streetsblog's Matthew Roth about San Francisco completing a first in the world census -- not of people, but of parking spaces on the street, in garages, metered or free. According

San Francisco parking census featured in

No sizable city in the country, or likely the world, has been able to say with any certainty how many parking spaces it has, public or private, until now. Over the last 18 months, the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA) has tallied every publicly accessible parking space within city limits...