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SFpark PayByPhone image

SFMTA launches PayByPhone service for parking meters

The San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA) SFpark project today launched PayByPhone parking payment service at meters in the Castro district, and will expand the service Citywide in the coming months. By making it easier to pay for parking, PayByPhone will help people avoid parking tickets.

SFpark launches on-street car sharing pilot

Yesterday, the SFMTA’s SFpark project began a pilot test of using on-street parking spaces for car sharing. A total of eleven on-street parking spaces will be dedicated to car sharing.

SFMTA to add pay-by-phone convenience to parking meters

The SFMTA, in conjunction with the SFpark project, will add the convenience of Pay-by-Phone technology to San Francisco meters, including those in the SFpark pilot areas as well as regular City and Port of San Francisco meters later this year.

Sensor installations featured on Streetsblog

When parking expert Donald Shoup publicized his principle several years ago that cities should manage the demand for curbside parking by adjusting the cost so that there was always an available space, he probably didn't think a large city like San Francisco...