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SFMTA makes second rate adjustment at SFpark meters

The SFMTA will implement its second demand-responsive rate adjustment at on-street SFpark meters in mid-October. As in the first rate adjustment, over two-thirds of the rates will decrease or remain the same.

SFpark featured on KALW’s Crosscurrents

KALW's Laura Miner takes a look at the SFpark app and shares some "secret" parking tips based on live SFpark data.

SFMTA to adjust rates at SFpark meters

The SFMTA announces that the first demand-responsive rate adjustment of hourly parking rates at all on-street automobile SFpark meters will begin in late July. The rate changes are based on parking demand data collected from wireless parking sensors embedded in the street as part of SFpark.

SFMTA announces first SFpark rate adjustments

Beginning late July, the SFMTA will adjust parking rates at SFpark meters in pilot areas based on parking demand data from in-ground parking sensors. In this first rate adjustment, 68% of the new rates will be lower or remain the same as current rates.

SFMTA announces improved SFpark pricing strategy for city-owned garages

SFMTA will begin applying the SFpark approach to setting parking rates at City-owned garages participating in the SFpark project.

Meter rates to change on the waterfront; schedule for Giants game special event pricing announced

On April 4, rates at meters along the waterfront will change to align more closely with rates in surrounding areas.

SFMTA lowers most SFpark motorcycle parking rates

The SFMTA today began adjusting rates at 1,129 motorcycle parking spaces in SFpark pilot areas, including many downtown spaces where prices will be reduced 30 percent from $0.70 to $0.50.