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SFpark pilot evaluation and mobile app changes

The SFMTA and the U.S. Department of Transportation are both now preparing to evaluate the SFpark pilot using data collected during the pilot project. As the pilot phase comes to a close in 2014, the project will continue to operate and any major changes will be considered after evaluation is completed in Spring 2014. In the meantime, there will be some changes to the SFpark mobile app and the data feed that some other private parking mobile apps also use. (read more...)

Excerpt from “Gov on the Go: Boosting Public Sector Productivity by Going Mobile” a white paper by Deloitte

Deloitte analysts William D. Eggers & Joshua Jaffe review how mobile technologies like SFMTA's SFpark app help drive productivity and improve the services a government provides its citizens.

SFMTA to pilot app for Parking Control Officers

The SFMTA will test a mobile application for its Parking Control Officers (PCOs) starting November 21, 2012. This data collection tool, called reEnforce, utilizes real-time parking sensor and meter data to show PCOs where vehicles are parked at unpaid meters or in commercial spaces.

SFpark Sensor Announcement Image

Parking sensor installation and removal

SFpark’s wireless parking sensors provide parking occupancy data as well as the real-time parking availability information used on, the SFpark mobile apps, and the open data feed for other app developers. Starting downtown during the week of May 7 and continuing into July, the SFMTA will install a small...

SFpark expands parking sensor program

SFpark is expanding its parking sensor program this summer, adding 1,200 spaces to the 7,000 spaces that currently have sensors. New sensors will be installed in the Financial District, SoMa, Civic Center, Fillmore, Mission, Marina and Fisherman’s Wharf.

Sensor installations featured on Streetsblog

When parking expert Donald Shoup publicized his principle several years ago that cities should manage the demand for curbside parking by adjusting the cost so that there was always an available space, he probably didn't think a large city like San Francisco...

SFpark begins sensor installation in pilot areas

As an essential component of the SFpark pilot projects, SFMTA will be installing wireless parking sensors throughout SFpark pilot and control areas (see map). These sensors – installed in individual parking spaces and entrances and exits...