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Mission Bay Parking Planning

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The SFMTA has managed parking in Mission Bay for more than a decade, and includes it as one of its eight SFpark pilot areas, allowing for demand-responsive pricing, extended time limits, and special event pricing. These parking management tools will help make it easier to park in the area as it continues to grow in the coming years.

Event Pricing & Evening Metering
Parking meters on blocks within walking distance of AT&T Park operate until 10pm Monday to Saturday and are priced higher for events. These changes will make more parking spots available in South Beach and Mission Bay and help reduce congestion by discouraging circling for free or cheap parking near the ballpark. Click here to learn more.

Planning area
The Mission Bay parking planning area is north of Mariposa Street, east of 7th Street, and south of Bryant Street. In 2011, sections of Dogpatch and Potrero Hill within walking distance of Mission Bay were added to the planning area to ensure cohesive parking strategy. Responding to community requests, and in an effort to clearly delineate between SFpark and non-SFpark areas, the SFMTA removed these areas from Mission Bay parking planning. The SFMTA is now developing separate complementary planning strategies for Mission Bay, Dogpatch, and Potrero Hill.

Parking management history
2002: the City of San Francisco establishes Mission Bay as a metering district, enabling all on-street parking spaces in Mission Bay to be managed through metering.

2008: Mission Bay selected as one of the SFMTA’s eight SFpark pilot areas. The project’s demand-responsive pricing, extended time limits, and special event pricing help better manage high parking demand during events at the ballpark.

2012: the SFMTA board of directors approves the Mission Bay parking management plan, providing long-range parking planning for the growing neighborhood.

New meter installation
Meter installation in the Mission Bay metering district has followed the ongoing construction in the area. Meter installation is due to be complete in 2013. All meters will have either no time limit or a 4-hour time limit.

Port of San Francisco meters
Parking in the area of Mission Bay generally east of Third Street is managed by the Port of San Francisco, not the SFMTA. However, meters in this area have been adjusted to mirror the SFMTA’s hours of operation and demand-responsive rates. The Port will continue to adjust rates in response to demand to ensure availability.

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