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Open Data and Source Code

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SFpark encourages independent developers and researchers to use its public API, open data and open source code to create new apps and data visualizations that support the project’s goal of making parking more readily available. The data feed provides variable rate parking pricing and regulation information for metered blocks and parking space availability and pricing information for public garages within SFpark areas.

Developers are encouraged to read the terms of service and developer guidelines before using SFpark data and development resources:

SFpark Open Data and Source Code Resources

Developer Guidelines

Updates to data feed
As of December 30, 2013, the parking sensors in the street will be turned off and their data feed will no longer be available as parking sensor batteries have reached the end of their useful lives. This means that the real-time information on parking space occupancy will not be available for mobile apps and similar uses. The SFpark data feed and app will continue to show meter parking rates, as well as real-time space availability and rates at parking garages.

Stay up to date
The API and source code is subject to change. The best way to stay current is to join the developer mailing list on the form to the right.

Get the word out
After using SFpark data, be sure to email app info to us for the upcoming SFpark app showcase. Be sure to reference @SFMTA_sfpark when tweeting about your new app.

Technical Support
The SFTMA does not have the resources to respond to all SFpark technical questions. Time permitting, we may respond to inquiries made to @SFMTA_sfpark or

Don’t use the SFpark logo
SFpark is a registered service mark of the SFMTA.