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Making it easier to pay for parking helps people avoid parking tickets. PayByPhone enables customers to add time without returning to the meter (subject to time limit restrictions), receive a reminder message when time is almost up, and download receipts online. The service provider adds a 45¢ fee per transaction.

How PayByPhone works

  1. Call 866-490-7275 or download the PayByPhone app at
  2. After registering, enter the meter location number and desired length of stay.
  3. Meter display will not change (e.g., if the meter was expired, it will still flash “expired” after PayByPhone payment). Parking Control Officers see the payments on their wireless handheld devices.

What it costs
PayByPhone is provided at no cost to the City.  The service provider adds a 45 cent fee per transaction to cover all costs.

Paying by NFC
Customers with Near Field Communications (NFC) capable smartphones can simply “tap” the NFC logo on the meter to initiate streamlined payment. Once installed at the 28,000 SFMTA and 1,000 Port of San Francisco car and motorcycle metered spaces, this will be the largest single NFC deployment in the world.

Installation Schedule
PayByPhone is now available at most SFMTA meters, and citywide implementation at SFMTA meters  is expected by December, 2012. Customers should look for the PayByPhone decal on the side of the meter.

Have questions about using PayByPhone?
Please visit