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SFpark uses demand-responsive pricing to open up parking spaces on each block and reduce circling and double-parking. Rates may vary by block, time of day and day of week. Rates will be adjusted by no more than 50 cents per hour down or 25 cents per hour up, and no more often than once per month.

How rates are determined
SFpark charges the lowest possible hourly rate to achieve the right level of parking availability. In areas and at times where it is difficult to find a parking space, rates will increase incrementally until at least one space is available on each block most of the time. In areas where open parking spaces are plentiful, rates will decrease until some of the empty spaces fill.

What parking costs
In pilot areas, meter pricing can range from between 50 cents an hour to a maximum of $7 an hour, depending on demand. Parking meters on blocks within walking distance of the ballpark are $7 an hour for events. Parking rate adjustments also happen in City-owned garages and lots in pilot areas. Hourly rates decrease in City-owned garages where there are often many empty spaces.

Rate adjustment announcements
All SFpark rate adjustments are listed in the following documents at least seven days before they go into effect. You will need the free Microsoft Excel Reader Adobe Acrobat Reader or compatible programs to view these documents.

The latest meter rate adjustment spreadsheet includes data for all previous adjustments.

Type Effective Rate Adjustment Overview Data Maps
Meters 7/12/2017 8%81%12% Download On Street Rate Table Download Map
2/1/2017 16%74%10% n/a Download Map
10/5/2016 18%69%13% n/a Download Map
6/16/2016 19%68%13% n/a Download Map
12/23/2015 17%67%16% n/a Download Map
9/2/2015 20%60%20% n/a Download Map
5/13/2015 10%60%30% n/a Download Map
6/18/2014 15%57%28% n/a Download Map
2/12/2014 8%73%19% n/a Download Map
11/20/2013 10%73%17% n/a Download Map
8/28/2013 18%62%20% n/a Download Map
4/3/2013 22%58%20% n/a Download Map
1/16/2013 24%55%21% n/a Download Map
10/31/2012 27%50%23% n/a Download Map
8/20/2012 26%48%26% n/a Download Map
5/1/2012 27%46%27% n/a Download Map
3/22/2012 31%38%31% n/a Download Map
2/7/2012 26%39%35% n/a Download Map
11/18/2011 27%38%35% n/a Download Map
10/3/2011 25%37%38% n/a Download Map
7/11/2011 26%42%32% n/a Download Map
Garages 1/1/2014 3%86%11% Download On Street XLS n/a
10/1/2013 8%92%0% Download On Street XLS n/a
7/1/2013 7%93%0% Download On Street XLS n/a
4/1/2013 4%96%0% Download On Street XLS n/a
1/1/2013 4%96%0% Download On Street XLS n/a
10/1/2012 11%84%5% Download On Street XLS n/a
7/1/2012 6% 77%17% Download On Street XLS n/a
4/13/2012 11% 57%32% Download On Street XLS n/a
11/15/2011 0% 37%63% Download On Street XLS n/a
Motorcycles 10/31/2011 19%17%64% Download Motorcycle XLS n/a

note: Calculation of rate adjustment overview for garages is based on hourly rates only

Parking Policy Documents
If you would like in-depth information about how the prices are determined, please download the following comprehensive guides. You will need the free Adobe Acrobat Reader or compatible program to view these documents.