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Resources: Garages

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Off-street pricing policy

This document outlines the current pricing policy for SFpark garages. The SFMTA conducts demand-responsive pricing at garages in SFpark pilot areas in order to achieve availability targets.


Garage rate adjustment spreadsheet Q4 2011

This document provides a spreadsheet overview of all garage rate adjustments occurring in the fourth quarter of 2011.

Photos of new SFpark parking garage wayfinding signs

Four high-resolution images of SFpark parking garage wayfinding signs available as one downloadable .zip file

Off-street parking census GIS data

This dataset includes publicly available off-street parking in San Francisco as of September 2011. The zipped data folder contains the dataset as a shapefile and a CSV, a PDF data dictionary, and a PDF map as a dataset preview.

Moscone center garage photos

Two high-resolution photographs of SFpark Moscone Center Garage.

Garage pricing policy

This out-of-date document is the off-street garage pricing policy approved June 2011. See for the current document.

Estimating parking occupancy using meter payment data

This document explains how the SFMTA will continue demand-responsive rate adjustments by using meter payment data rather than parking sensor data to estimate occupancy.