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Parking sensor technology performance evaluation

As part of the SFpark pilot, the SFMTA used a network of in-ground parking sensors in 8,200 on-street parking spaces. The sensors used for the SFpark pilot were provided by StreetSmart Technologies (now known as Fybr). These sensors utilized a magnetometer to detect when vehicles entered and exited a space. The primary purposes of these sensors were…

Parking sensor decommissioning maps, May-July 2012

This map provides an overview of sensor decommissioning occurring May through July 2012.

Parking sensor installation/reinstallation maps, May-July 2012

This map provides an overview of sensor installation and reinstallation occurring May through July 2012.

PayByPhone images

Zip file containing two high-resolution images of the PayByPhone service: a meter with PayByPhone and an NFC-enabled decal.

Sensor performance standards and measurement

An overview of parking sensor performance standards and measurement, including data timeliness and accuracy.

SFpark and meter vendor xml rate adjustment protocol

This protocol provides a detailed outline of the steps involved in updating parking meter rates and displays via XML.