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Resources: Data

SFpark Parking Garage Data Guide

This document describes how garage occupancy, usage, and payment data is collected and processed for analysis by SFpark. It also describes how garage rates and information about garage locations and policies are collected and stored.

Complete listing of ODS SQL code (Data Definition Language)

This file contains all the code the SFMTA used to deploy its operational data store (ODS). Because it uses industry-standard SQL language, it should be easily understandable to any city’s DBA, and should be a significantly aid in developing a similar system.


SFMTA parking sensor data storage and communication standards

These are the XML protocols that the SFMTA has developed with parking sensor vendors to receive parking sensor data. These XML standards should enable IT developers to reverse engineer the SFpark operational data store, reducing the time and money necessary to implement that technical ability of an agency to receive real-time parking data.

On-street parking census data and map (April 2014)

April 2014 shapefile, tabular data, data guide, fact sheet, and map of publicly available on-street parking in San Francisco.

Parking meters – GIS data, March 2014

This dataset includes all parking meters owned by the SFMTA and the Port of San Francisco as of March 2014. The zipped data folder contains the dataset as a shapefile and a CSV, a PDF data dictionary, and a PDF map as a dataset preview. This data provides: Locations of meters Meter characteristics, such as:…

Meter operating schedule data, March 2014

Operating schedules and time limits for all meters owned by SFMTA and the Port of SF as of March 10, 2014. Tow periods and Alternate schedules trump all base Operating Schedules. The zipped data folder contains a PDF data dictionary and a CSV of the data. By downloading the file below, you are agreeing to…

Meter rate schedule data, March 2014

Meter rate schedules for all meters owned by SFMTA and the Port of SF as of March 2014. Base rates describe the standard rate for parking at the meter. Overrides to the Base Rate apply on the given days at the given times. Rates are subject to operating schedules, available here: When the time…


Meter rate adjustment spreadsheet, February 2014

This document provides a spreadsheet overview of all meter rate adjustments occurring February 2014.

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Peer City Parking Rates and Policies Survey (2013)

A compilation and comparison of parking rates and policies of cities in North America done annually since 2009. This survey is not prescriptive: these data do not take into account the variables of each city’s unique context (e.g., density, demographics, and regional population).


Garage rate adjustment spreadsheet, January 2014

This document provides a spreadsheet overview of all garage rate adjustments.