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On-street parking census data and map (April 2014)

San Francisco has approximately 442,000 publicly-available parking spaces citywide, which includes both on-street and off-street (garages and lots) spaces. This count of publicly-available spaces does not include private parking in houses, apartment buildings, and businesses.

Of all publicly-available spaces, 275,000 are legal on-street spaces, including metered, unmetered, and colored curb spaces.

The dataset and map is available via the link below, a ZIP archive that contains a shapefile, tabular data, data guide, fact sheet, and map of publicly available on-street parking in San Francisco.

The off-street parking census data continues to be available — download off-street GIS data here.


Parking census facts

Total publicly-available parking spaces: 441,950

Total on-street supply*: 275,450
    On-street metered spaces^: 26,750
    On-street unmetered spaces: 248,700

Total off-street supply: 166,500

* A standard unmetered parking space is measured as 17 feet long for parallel spaces, 8.5 feet if perpendicular.

^ This total includes Port of San Francisco meters. The city’s 2,270 motorcycle spaces are counted as 450 metered automobile parking spaces as each motorcycle space uses about 1/5 of a regular metered car space.