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Parking sensor technology performance evaluation

As part of the SFpark pilot, the SFMTA used a network of in-ground parking sensors in 8,200 on-street parking spaces. The sensors used for the SFpark pilot were provided by StreetSmart Technologies (now known as Fybr). These sensors utilized a magnetometer to detect when vehicles entered and exited a space. The primary purposes of these sensors were to measure parking occupancy for calculating demand-responsive rate adjustments and to provide real-time parking availability data that the SFMTA provided to the public. Additional uses included measuring parking behavior to evaluate the SFpark pilot projects including a test of guided parking enforcement.

This document describes the technology utilized for the SFpark pilot, the issues that arose during the pilot, how the SFMTA measured parking sensor performance, and the results of these performance metrics for the magnetometer sensors as well as for four newer technologies.

This evaluation covers findings relating to the sensor data used for SFpark, managing sensor data, and the possible uses of sensors in the future.