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Regularly scheduled tow-away zone GIS data

This dataset contains locations and schedules of regular tow-away zones which apply at the blockface-level in San Francisco. It does not include temporary street closures which could result in towing. The dataset contains:

  • Geospatial information for blockfaces with known tow schedules
  • Tow schedules with starting and ending hours and days applicable
  • Address ranges for the blockface segment
  • The centerline identifier of the street segment on which the blockface occurs
  • Notes, if known, to enhance the information about the regulation

This dataset was compiled in October and November of 2011. It reflects legislated changes through November 1, 2011. It is at least 95% accurate and may not include all blockface-level tow-away zones with regular, weekly schedules. Please email corrections or discrepancies to Always look for signage near your parking space and follow posted regulations to avoid parking citations and possible towage.

The zipped data folder contains the dataset as a shapefile and a CSV; a metadata and data dictionary PDF; and a map PDF as a dataset preview. The metadata and data dictionary document contain additional information about the data.

For help using shapefiles, see SFMTA GIS data help.

By downloading the file below, you agree to the following disclaimer:
“The City and County of San Francisco (“City”) provides the following data as a public record and no rights of any kind are granted to any person by the City’s provision of this data. The City and County of San Francisco (“City”) makes no representation regarding and does not guarantee or otherwise warrant the accuracy or completeness of this data. Anyone who uses this data for any purpose whatsoever does so entirely at their own risk. The City shall not be liable or otherwise responsible for any loss, harm, claim or action of any kind from any person arising from the use of this data. By accessing this data, the person accessing it acknowledges that she or he has read and does so under the condition that she or he agrees to the contents and terms of this disclaimer.”